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Gods and Religious Lingo

Popular Gods and Godesses

 God Name  
 BRAHMA  The God of Creation
 VISHNU  The God of Protection
 SHIVA  The God of Destruction
 GANESHA  The God of Good Luck, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
 RAMA  The hero of epic Ramayana, one of the reincarnations of Lord Vishnu
 KRISHNA  God of Love, the hero of epic Mahabharta. Another reincarnation of Lord Vishnu
 SARASWATI  Wife of Lord Brahma, Goddess of Wisdom and Music
 LAXMI  Wife of Lord Vishnu, Goddess of Wealth
 PARVATI  Wife of Lord Shiva, mother of Ganesha
 KAALI  One of the 108 manifestations of Parvati, black Goddess - destroyer of evil
 DURGA  One of the 108 manifestations of Parvati, Goddess of war, rides on a tiger
 HANUMAAN  The monkey God, Lord Rama’s faithful follower
 GARUDA  The mythical bird, Lord Vishnu’s carrier
 NARASIHMA  One of the 10 reincarnations of Lord Vishnu – half man half lion
 GURU NANAK  The first Sikh messenger, worshipped as God

Some Religious Lingo

 Religious Lingo  
 MANDIR  Hindu temple
 BHAGWAD GEETA  The sermon by Krishna ,the holy book of Hindus
 PUNDIT  Holy Hindu priests
 SAADHU  Holy men usually in orange and white robes
 VEDAS  Most ancient collection of Hindu hymns and scriptures
 PURANAS  Another set of Hindu sacred scriptures
 MANTRAS  Holy Hindu chants. The most popular being ‘Om’
 AARTI  One of the most important Hindu rituals, performed twice every day (at sunrise and  sunset) in all active Hindu temples, by a temple priest called ‘pundit’.
 GURUDWARA  Sikh temple
 GURU GRANTH SAHIB  Holy book of Sikhs
 MAZJID  Muslim mosque 
 QURAN  Holy book of Muslims