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Culture Connection

Culture Connection


Experience the real India and learn more about local lifestyle and culture of our country with a visit to an Indian home. Spend time talking to your hosts and learn about their way of life. You may also opt for a unique opportunity to step inside an Indian kitchen and learn the age old art of Indian culinary delights. Your hosts will be happy to share their secret recipes and give you some handy tips about Indian cooking. The evening ends with a scrumptious home cooked Indian meal!


Enjoy an enriching experience of fine home dining in New Delhi, the capital city of India.

You get the opportunity to meet a modern Indian family, settled in Delhi for generations! The family generously welcomes guests to their home and cherishes the experience of interacting with foreigners from all over the world.

Family members are well educated, very well mannered, cultured and sophisticated. Guests get ample of time talking to family members and learning more about their way of life. The hosts are generous enough to show guests around the house and share stories and experiences of their culture, beliefs and lifestyle. This is a truly interactive experience, where guests get an opportunity to peep inside a modern Indian home!

Consisting of a sumptuous buffet, this ‘dine at home’ experience leaves guests wanting for more! Meals served are non-spicy but very delicious and snacks are mouth watering - the food is a fine example of North Indian cuisine. Utmost care is taken to maintain high standards of hygiene. Cooking demonstration can also be arranged, on request.


In Jaipur, the pink capital city of Rajasthan, we take you to an ancestral home of a local Jaipuri family, where generations have lived together in a joint family system for as long as the family history dates back! The architecture of this ancestral home is like a typical Rajasthani Haveli, speaking volumes about the history of the place.

The present generation of the Rajput family residing at the haveli is keen to share their history and heritage with guests from all over the world. They are generous receptive hosts, who will welcome you in traditional Rajasthani style. Your etiquette hosts are well read and will surprise you with their knowledge on the history of Rajasthan, which they can narrate as a fable without the need to read from a book! The beautiful collection of traditional arts and antique furniture is also sure to impress.

Women of the family have excelled in the art of Indian cooking and are happy to share their grandma recipes with guests. You get the opportunity to learn how to cook a typical Rajasthani meal, or just sit back and enjoy the grand feast! A true cultural delight, this experience is unmatched by any monument, palace or local sight of Rajasthan.


Experience Indian hospitality in the heart of Kerala! We take you to the home of a professional Indian chef, who loves to cook for her foreign guests and indulge them in the aromas and flavours of fine Keralan cuisine.

Coming from traditional Christian community of Kerala, your hosts will be happy to share their supper conversation with you and enlighten you with the cultural beliefs and fables from Kerala.

This region of south India, is famous for its fragrant spices, exotic seafood and delicious feasts. You get the opportunity to learn more about Keralan food and your hosts would be pleased to answer any questions. Cooking demonstrations can also be arranged, where you get to learn age old recipes of south Indian cuisine direct from a professional chef!