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    Paro Taktsang
    The temple complex located in the cliffside
  • Dance
    Bhutan Religious Festival
    Dances are performed by monks, wearing ornate costumes and masks
  • Clouds
    Blessed and Sanctified
    The Land of Clouds
  • Budha
    51.5 meters height of Buddha Dordenma
    largest statues of Buddha in the world

About Bhutan ( The Dragon Kingdom )

Bhutan, the serene mountain kingdom, untouched by modernity, still retains its old world charm. Opened to tourists in 1974, Bhutan is an ancient land, rich in Buddhist culture, where Buddhism overpowers every aspect of routine life, art and traditions. Dotted with ancient monasteries, temples and stupas, Bhutan lies in the ranges of eastern Himalayas bordered by Tibet on the north and India on the south.