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Cessna Citation Excel (Aircraft) - Package Detail

Cessna Citation Excel (Aircraft)


One of the best selling business jets ever built, the Excel’s popularity is due to its ability to operate out of smaller airports and still offering the comforts and amenities of a midsize cabin jet.  The Cessna Citation Excel can fly almost a mile higher than most other aircrafts. With more than 18 feet in length, passengers enjoy a spacious cabin to stand up, stretch-out and relax. Like most Citations, the interior emphasis is on comfort and space. Also, the Excel has more room for luggage than other similar aircrafts. 

  • Engine - PW545B, engine, developed by Pratt Whitney Canada
  • Seating - Upto 7 Passangers
  • Range - 1,800 nautical miless
  • Cruising Speed - 800km/h
  • Interiors - Luxurious cabin features, handcrafted seats and side panels are made of leather

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